It is very easy to buy a new computer or mobile such as a server, a laptop, a desktop, an Ultrabook, a netbook, a smartphone or a tablet. But getting them to work immediately with the software you require may be quite another matter that is not always as easy as it seems. It is not the same as installing a plug and play device in your computer.

The commissioning service offered by us can help you to set up your computer to work immediately which will make your job less difficult.

This set-up services includes:

  • Installation and configuration of the operating system
  • Configuring the settings so that both the user and the administrator can use it
  • Downloading, installing and configuring a strong anti-virus, anti-spam, anti- spyware and anti malware software
  • Configuring the firewall to prevent hackers from entering your system
  • Installing standard applications and software such as Microsoft Office, App utilities, and others
  • Installing the drivers for all local and network printers so that you can print on any of them from the computer you are using
  • Configuring the operating system to handle e-mails from another computer on the network
  • Configuring the operating system so that regular backups can be taken by the system automatically
  • Updating all the software on your computers with the latest software patches and configuring the operating system to receive updates in future
  • Connecting your computer to the network
  • Checking the performance of the whole computer to see whether everything is working all right
  • Transferring the data to the new computer from backup devices or from old computers that got replaced with new ones.

There are significant little things that need your attention before the computer can be made operational. Once we have completed the task of configuring it you can start using it in real earnest.

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