Having loads of data needed for your work can be a hassle if you don’t have a reliable service to store them. With cloud file sharing or online file sharing, you can use a particular storage space allotted to you and share or access files from the Internet without the need for an external hard drive.

Here at Aspire Computing we provide a system that allows users an easy access to their data anywhere, as long as they have an Internet connection. Users also have the right to change access to their files – this is crucial if you want to keep certain files private for company or team project use. The cloud file sharing gets maintained with the highest standards in availability, recovery and backup, so you don’t have to worry about file loss.

Benefits of Cloud Sharing

To be a reputable business or system means you have to depend upon a reliable service that can grant you easy access. Among the many advantages of using cloud file sharing, here are a few of them:

  • Accessibility
    No matter where we go, our smartphones, tablets and other gadgets are almost always with us due to their easy availability of the Internet. This is why we can make use of that technology by integrating business file sharing using cloud services. In this case, necessary data of a group, company or team can now be accessed anywhere, and it allows employees, managers and similar staff to remotely do their jobs.

  • Sharing and Collaboration
    With cloud-based service, you no longer need to be on-site with a work colleague to pass your files from one device to another. Documents and other files get easily shared through a cloud file system, and this makes it easier to edit and proofread them.

  • Disaster Recovery
    Not all of us have reliable storage devices or a good memory. Our flash drives might get accidentally lost or damaged along the way, and we might have no means of recovering data. This is why cloud-based file sharing can act as a fall-back when it comes to retrieving your important data – just make sure you update and sync it frequently with your current records.

  • Security
    File sharing using a cloud-based system allows you to feel more secure. Each file or folder has different permission levels that you can set, depending on which set of users should see them or not see them. You can control the information flow in your system and make it more organized and have fewer security threats coming from unauthorized users.

  • Invisibility
    In the digital world today, going wireless is the new thing. We do not want to have physical contact with devices anymore since the invention of the Wi-Fi devices, and this is the same concept we would like to apply to using a cloud-based file sharing system.

    Going wireless or invisible means, there is less hassle for uploading or downloading files, and you will have more room for hardware and computer setups in your office or home.

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