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Is your computer system running slow? Our Windows Tune-Up service will have your machine running smoothly after cleaning and updates.

Contact Aspire Computing today and have your machine running the way it used to. Phone  0402 017 396 for service.

Our extensive usual Tasks include the following:

  • Clean inside Case and Fans
  • Check RAM Lubricate Contacts and Reseat
  • Replace CMOS Battery
  • CMOS Set-up
  • Install Classic Shell Menu System for Win 8 and 10
  • Check Task Manager
  • Turn Off unnecessary Autoruns
  • Run Check disk
  • Check Control Panel
  • Check Windows System Device Properties
  • Basic Tune-Up:- Power, Screen, Menu Options & Settings
  • Install Drive Monitor and Report on Hard Disk Drive Status
  • Fix problems with Windows Sockets Layer
  • Install Webroot Secureanywhere – Managed Service subscription.  Scan for and Remove Viruses, Browser Hijacks, PUAs Potentially Unwanted Applications
  • Reset Internet Settings
  • Install Ninite Pro Managed Patch Management Service subscription
  • Scan for, and Update, Out of Date Programs and Applications
  • Install Windows Critical Updates incl. Upgrade to newest version of Windows 10
  • Install other Microsoft and Office Updates
  • Disable SMB v1.0 – may already have been done by latest Windows Updates
  • Remove Unwanted Programs – including Telemetry installed by PC Manufacturer, other AV Programs, and Junk . . .
  • Install Essential Software: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Ublock Origin, Adblock Plus, Sun JAVA RE, iTunes, TeamViewer, Adobe Reader XI/DC, TeraCopy
  • Check Email is working correctly
  • Customer Requests e.g. Software Installation & Configuration, Printer/Scanner Installation, Networking, Backup . . . .
  • Install RMM Management and Monitoring – subject to signed Customer Agreement
  • Clean-up HDD
  • Provide a full report
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Just completed a new SSD install. This PC runs Win 7 and is used by a small business customer. It runs mostly 24×7 and all is good after a recent clean out of dirt and dust.
However, the HDD is starting to show a bit of wear so we decided now would be a good time to clone the system to a nice new Intel series 535 SSD.
Now they can hopefully run this PC for some more years with lower power consumption, less heat and better performance. These drives now have 5 years warranty.
Other work included moving their email and Contacts out of Windows Live Mail and into MS Outlook 2013. Plus a further tune-up.

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Recent jobs: 2. Rural customer with Windows 8 boot up problem. Pick up and return to workshop. Remove HDD & check, backup User Data, create Backup Image of whole drive. Drive is OK but can't correct boot problem. So an OS reinstall is required. This is impossible because the disk is GPT = GUID Partition Table. This required deleting all Partitions and converting Drive to MBR. Then refit into his PC case and start a fresh install of Win8 from a new DVD as this not supplied with most new PCs built from an Image file. After that our Managed Webroot Secure Anywhere endpoint protection, followed by all Windows Updates, User software, User Data etc. Then using new small 1TB ext. HDD and Windows Storage Spaces set to backup Libraries every half hour. Quite a big job. Now they have all their photos and business data again. Next, get the to sync to ms OneDrive