You may think that it will take a major crisis for your business to lose all of its data. You probably don’t want to hear it is quite the opposite. The most common cause for loss of data is usually human error and just as discouraging is failure due to hardware and software issues.

Hardware Failure

Over 55 percent of small businesses surveyed stated they had suffered from serious data loss and that loss was due to hardware failure. Unfortunately hardware failures take the longest to recover from which means a lot of downtime for your business. Even with diligent backups, it can take as long as 4 days or worse to recover your data and get it back into working order.

Human Failure

Data LossYou’d like to think your staff is doing what it takes to keep data safe, however 22 percent of small business data loss is caused by human error. Combine that with the fact that many employees who are responsible for backing up their own data on a daily basis, aren't doing so, and you could be in real trouble.

Cloud Options

Many small businesses actually use Cloud based backup systems, a very public place, to save valuable data. There are hybrid storage services available that combine their own security but depend on Cloud for storage. These can be more effective and more secure.

Dependable Data Backup and Disaster Recovery

Data Backup and Recovery using StorageCraft, ShadowProtect and other programs work well for small businesses. StorageCraft supply secure backup and replication technology, as well as quick recovery using On-Premise and Cloud based technology. This means, should a crisis occur in which your data is lost, you will be able to recover the information you need quickly, keeping you in the game to continue providing service to your clients.

Making sure your business is ready to face a crisis, means finding a computing service that can handle your hardware maintenance, system issues and provide effective back-up and recovery services. This way, when the inevitable does occur you will be ready.