Why data recovery is important?

Data Recovery Toowoomba

What happens if you are working on an important file or project or document and then suddenly your computer screen goes blank? This is a warning from your computer telling that some problem is about to occur.

The data that you think could be lost is not lost forever. It can be recovered with the help of our professional data recovery utilities and services.

In the past, organisations and businesses have not given much importance to these incidents and as a consequence have suffered major loss of their valuabe data. When this happens it means that your computer system needs immediate attention. This is why data recover is important.


Is data recovery worth it?

The answer to this question is 'Yes'. You need our hard drive data recovery services if you experience inaccessibility of files and folders, unrecognized format, virus attacks, accidental deletions, permanent deletion of files, inaccessible partitions, corrupt documents, unexpected system shutdowns, error messages while opening a file and there are endless reasons due to which you cannot access your data.

So what is data recovery in computer reparis?

Simply put, it is like getting a broken toy and fixing it with glue. Thus making it usable again. Technicially speaking, however, it is a scientific approach followed to get back the lost and inaccessible data. This can be made possible through data recovery software utilities and services.

For example, Aspire Computing our data recovery Toowoomba services:

  • Recovers and repairs files
  • Storage media
  • Corrupt partitions
  • Brings back your data safely.


How long does data recovery take?

  1. Hardware condition - A drive that is fully functional is much faster to recover data from than one that is severely damaged and must be repaired.  So for example, if you have accidently deleted files then the turnaround would be much faster.
  2. Drive size - the larger the drive size the longer it will take to scan. A typical recovery may take several scans. Additionally, it may be required to clone the drive first to prevent any loss of data during service.
  3. Availability of donor parts - if your drive has a hardware issue, then we would need parts to repair the drive to a semi-functional condition where the data can be successfully extracted.
  4. Functionality of drive after repair - many makes of hard drives don't take nicely to replacement parts and don't function anywhere near their full potential after an internal repair. Some drives can take up to a month or more to extract all the data after an internal repair.
  5. Service type ordered - Customers can opt to pay a bit more for our expedited or emergency services.


Minimising Data Loss

You can increase the chances of successfully recovering your data by:

  1. Stop using the device in question - by doing this, you are preventing data being overwritten and therefore, unrecoverable.
  2. Disconnect the device from the Internet.
  3. Immediately run the data recovery software after completing the above two steps.
  4. Conduct a system scan - enables both the software and the user to understand what data is corrupted or missing, and where it is located (or should be).

How a file recovery program will attempt to recover data depends on the type of data loss that has occurred. So we will consider the different causes separately.

In the case of accidental data deletion, data recovery software uses deterministic and heuristic algorithms to find the location of deleted files, and then attempts to recover as much of the data as possible.


How much are data recovery services?

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Data Recovery Toowoomba

data recovery toowoomba