Cloud Computing

The Cloud lives in Data Centres that have been built in many cities around the world. It is a centralised form of computing. These Data Centres provide computing resources for any business or organisation that wants to offload the cost and logistics of building and operating the infrastructure necessary to meet their computing needs. Read More
I will give you a little bit of insight into the Cloud. The Cloud is just a rather nebulous term (pun intended) used to cover computing power and data processing, on networks outside of your personal home or office space. The Cloud lives in Data Centres that have been built in many cities around the world. Read More
For over 16 years, Aspire Computing has been working with small businesses and individuals including on farms and in rural towns, often in their home offices. Read More

Cyber Security

Old versions of Java are the number one cause of security breaches in A/NZ according to Mikko Hypponen, chief research officer at F-Secure. Nearly half of all malware in Australia occurred in older versions of Java or unpatched software. READ MORE
Having good online access can work both ways without the right data protection systems in place, warns small business adviser and computer systems expert Chaim (Hyam) Lee. He says cyber crime is on an upswing, and it’s not just government agencies and big corporations that are at risk. READ MORE

Chaim Lee

As the owner of Aspire Computing founded in 1999, Chaim Lee has been working for over 20 years as the Leading Computer Technician.
He has a life long interest in electronics, computing, science and technology.
He has completed studies and gained qualifications in Applied Science, Computer Repair and Service, Microsoft Installation and Maintenance, Technical Writing, Workplace Training, and Technical Sales Training.
Chaim Lee