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For Chaim (pronounced ‘Hyam’) Lee from Aspire Computing, electronics and computing has always been a passion.

“Electronics has been a hobby of mine since I was a teenager” Chaim said. “I built radios, transmitters, amps and gadgets.

Chaim continued this enthusiasm and studied in the School of Electrical Engineering at the University of New South Wales.

“After that I went bush” Chaim said.

“I moved out of Sydney and went to work on farms.”

Chaim worked in the Plant Nursery and Irrigation Industry supplying PawPaw seedlings and Trickle/Drip Irrigation systems to Commercial Growers in Qld & Nth NSW before studying for a Bachelor of Applied Science majoring in Postharvest Technology at UQ Gatton. That course had a large computing component, which provided his foundation in modern PC based computing.

After working at NSW Agriculture in the Riverina, Chaim undertook and completed a RS101 Certificate in Computing Engineering PC Service & Repair in Sydney. He then completed a training course in Windows Installation, Configuration and Management through a Microsoft Certified Technical Education Centre.

Chaim then returned to Qld to work as a self-employed PC & Network Serviceman.

“I have always liked working for myself, I’m hands-on and I like doing on-site work and helping country folk,” Chaim said.


Chaim Lee Aspire Computing
Computer parts Toowoomba

Chaim said that when he came into the computing business, the public understanding of computers was very limited and the Internet was by slow Dial-Up.

“When I started out, there was not much knowledge of PC’s, I did a lot of work setting up Office and Bookkeeping programs and printers for farmers and small businesses. I still like that type of work”

Now, Chaim tends to deal with a fair amount of data transfer and recovery.

“I do a lot of data recovery – when people don’t service their machines regularly, the consequence is that their hard drive can fail and often they don’t have a Backup of their precious data. If I get the drive early enough, I can access the data and copy it to a good new drive. I can also arrange for most unreadable drives to be recovered.”

“I also offer managed services including data backup, and I try to encourage good habits.”

“These days, I am supplying and installing Solid State Disk Drives (SSD) in new and existing PCs because they have no moving parts, are much quicker, more efficient and have a longer life than the mechanical drives they are replacing.”

For those needing help with their business or home office computer, Chaim can assist with the full process.

“I supply, install, configure, protect, service, restore and manage so that people can enjoy their computers without concerns or drama. That takes away the pain for people who don’t want to learn about that stuff.”

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