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5 Cyber security and business continuity management options

Is it time to start thinking about Cyber security and business continuity management?

Today, there is an urgent need for organisations to alter their approach to cyber security and business continuity management. With a manjor global event occurring in the past year with the Covid 19 pandemic, business continiuty has never been so important as it is today.

Business continuity has always been about maintaining critical business functions, not only during a disaster or crises, but afterwards as well.

It has been a long time since businesses have had to consider such an important aspect of their future.

Cyber attacks and breaches of cyber defences have become inevitable as attackers become increasingly well organised and funded.

About our Cyber Security and Business Continuity Management

Aspire Computing offers some of the very best services to help people in remote offices who may wish to be more secure, and who often can’t get expert technical help on the ground.

We are cost effectively, protecting IT Devices, Networks and Data through our Remote Management Systems.

These services start with Pro-Active Care using “Cloud” based services.

Cloud based systems improve efficiency and reduce costs to the customer. Here are 5 offerings from Aspire Computing on cyber security and business continuity management:

  1. Remote Assistance sessions using our Commercial License to TeamViewer and a free downloadable copy at the customers end, so that we can provide direct support and maintenance. We offer this support to people who call us, or email us with a request for help. We can send out an invitation to Download QuickSupport by email, or just ask the Client to uses their browser to download the TeamViewer file directly from the web.
  2. We install Webroot SecureAnywhere on our customers’ devices. This is an AV/Malware/Web Filtering Security System. It is fully Managed by us at Aspire Computing through our Global Site Manager (GSM) for Webroot, on behalf of the customer. It takes all of the pain away from the Customer. We receive emails if there is a problem device.  We are offering this service for only $100- per year per Computer, and less for Android and iPhone devices;
  3. We also offer to put the Customer’s Servers, Workstations, PC, Mac, Laptop, Tablet or iPad, Peripherals, or any other device they may have into our RMM – Remote Monitoring and Management System, that we license and run separately from Webroot. From there we know on a regular basis if there are any problems, often before the customer is aware.
  4. Backup of Data and Complete Systems (System State) to Secure Cloud Storage based in Australia, either in Sydney or Brisbane, with a Local “SpeedVault” Backup as well. This is priced based on the Qty. of Data to be stored per month.
  5. Firewalls – NextGen/UTMs – Unified Threat Management devices to protect your whole network, either as a “Black Box” appliance, as a Virtual Machine, or again as a managed Cloud-based system.

To learn more about cyber security and business continuity management here.

Cyber security and business continuity management

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