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Servicing Newtown and all the surrounding areas of Toowoomba including Harristown and Crow’s Nest, Aspire Computing comes to you! Chaim Lee, who is the owner/manager, is just around the corner to get you up and running.

He specialises in issues such as:

  • Computer repairs Newtown Toowoomba
  • Laptop repairs Newtown Toowoomba



computer repairs newtown toowoomba
Computer Repairs for Newtown residents in Toowoomba

Understanding File Sharing using Cloud service

As you can see in the list of services, cloud file sharing is one of our specialties. So what is cloud file sharing? It is to do with an online file storage space that is important if you have a lot of data, both personally and professionally, that you need to keep in a reliable service. Learn more about it here.


The benefits of cloud file storage includes:

  • Accessibility
  • Sharing and Collaboration
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Security
  • Invisibility

You can learn more about these here.


Brands we cover

The brands that Aspire Computing services include:

  • ACER
  • ASUS
  • Toshiba
  • HP
  • VM Ware
  • Netgear


Backup Solutions

Human error is the most common cause of data loss with computers. In fact, 22% of small business data loss is caused by human error. When you combine this with the amount of employees who fail to back up their own data on a daily basis it can become costly.

Hardware failure is another cause of data loss for businesses with a recent survey suggesting that 55% of small businesses have suffered because of it.

These two reasons make it vital for small business owners to have the best backup solutions for small business. Learn more about it here.


Home computer service

Do you have a problem with your computer and need proper consultation to get through it? Do you work with a computer at home and use it for professional needs?

At Aspire Computing we offer services of all sorts for your home computer needs.

Whether it needs to have spyware removed, or a virus addressed that is causing lots of problems, we have a staff of skilled veterans in the computer industry on hand to take care of your every concern.

We have over a decade in the business of working with various networks and computing services and have decided to take a small operation and evolve it into something more.

With a team of professionals and a professional etiquette to work by we are at your service at the simplicity of a phone call.

Don’t hesitate feeling you can handle the problem yourself, our experts are standing by to assist with home computer service.


Who is Aspire Computing?

Founded in 1999, Aspire Computing is owned and operated by Chaim Lee. For over 20 years, he has been working as a leading computer technician. Chaim has a lifelong interest in electronics, computing science and technology.

This passion has driven him to complete studies and qualifications in Applied Science, computer repair and service, Microsoft Installation and Maintenance, Workplace Training and Technical Sales training.

To learn how we can help you with your computer and laptop repairs today and provide professional advice that comes with years of experience contact Chaim now.



"I contacted Aspire to rebuild our whole rack in Toowoomba, it was a OH&S and Fire Risk. The staff can't believe the speed of the internet and server now.

I will not be using anybody else but Aspire and highly recommend them, they are nothing but true professionals, with a great depth of experience and will recommend solutions based on your needs and costs." - Catherine

Call him today for computer repairs Newtown Toowoomba

Aspire Computing - Computer Repairs Newtown Toowoomba


Computer repairs newtown toowoomba


Meet Chaim!


He is the bloke behind Aspire Computing in Toowoomba. He is a trained and qualified specialist in computer repairs.

If you are after computer repairs Newtown Toowoomba, the Chaim can help you overcome your obstacles.


Making it convenient for you he comes to your place and fixes and repairs right in the comfort of your home or office.

Chaim offers you the highest standard and he fully covers Toowoomba and surrounds.


Call Chaim from Aspire Computing today for computer repairs Toowoomba on 0402 017 396.


Computer Repairs Newtown Toowoomba

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