Skinning allows you to create an operating system that better suits your needs. It works with the basic system and then allows for customization for things such as the start up screen and other look and feel aspects of the system.

How does it Work?

Skinning can help rearrange certain elements of the interface for a software program or operating system thus making it more pleasing to use for your specific needs and wants. It is not to say it completely recreates the programs, it simply improves them and those improvements can vary from user to user based on their preferences.

Why Use Skinning?

Many people use skinning because they are dissatisfied with certain elements of a software program. As mentioned Windows 8 can be a real thorn in your side due to many undesirable elements. Some people use skinning because they have moved from a Mac platform and are dissatisfied with the interface a PC has to offer. They can use programs such as OS X Skinpack to get their favourite features of the Mac interface worked into their PC platform. Other options for PC include Classic Shell or Start 8. An expert can do this for you to avoid any complications or further dissatisfaction as a result of skinning.

Benefits of Skinning

Skinning may sound like a bit of a pain, but you can get setups for PC and Windows including Skinning Windows 8 to make the program and system work better for you just like Windows 7 or XP. The benefits include being able to provide an interface that better suits your business needs and you can adapt the interface to be both more pleasing to the eye, as well as to create a more intuitive, user friendly program.