Your business can fade away without good IT...

Does your IT need more investment? Do your servers need replacing or monitoring? Are you moving your office to new premises? Should you plan for a disaster recovery option? Are you upgrading your operating system to Windows 10?

We can be your business’s virtual IT department. If you outsource the business to us, we can provide IT services for a smaller amount of money compared to the quantity required for keeping in-house IT personnel. We charge much less than the IT person whom you call in an emergency, considering the cost of on-call fees and the downtime caused by the delay for the parts to arrive, and for the monthly maintenance that they carry out without breakdowns or emergencies ever occurring when they are around.

Customized IT support

We can customize the IT services especially for your business that will be unique. The solution we provide can have features such as:

Monitoring & Reporting

  • Performance of the server
  • Performance of workstations
  • Performance of the network
  • Security features available
  • Reports on usage and analysis of trends
  • Isolation of faults
  • Usage and availability of disk space


  • Management of patches
  • Installation of software updates
  • Optimization of desktop activities
  • Filtering of e-mails


  • Technical support for Help Desk
  • Running Backups and Disaster Recovery processes
  • Management of your network, servers and printers
  • Identification of viruses and recovering from hacking
  • Planning new technologies
  • Installation of Broadband
  • Installation of system upgrades
  • Troubleshooting and repair
  • Management of assets
  • Management of licenses and warranty services
  • Providing Voice over Internet Protocol or VoIP
  • Providing Virtual Private Networking or VPN
  • Supply of uninterrupted power against blackouts and brown-outs
  • Management of Firewalls
  • Providing security for office mobiles
  • Cloud computing
  • Initiating programs for original hardware
  • Digital signature facilities
  • AV systems with multifunction capabilities

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