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Recent jobs: 2. Rural customer with Windows 8 boot up problem. Pick up and retur…

Recent jobs: 2. Rural customer with Windows 8 boot up problem. Pick up and return to workshop. Remove HDD & check, backup User Data, create Backup Image of whole drive. Drive is OK but can't correct boot problem. So an OS reinstall is required. This is impossible because the disk is GPT = GUID Partition Table. This required deleting all Partitions and converting Drive to MBR. Then refit into his PC case and start a fresh install of Win8 from a new DVD as this not supplied with most new PCs built from an Image file. After that our Managed Webroot Secure Anywhere endpoint protection, followed by all Windows Updates, User software, User Data etc. Then using new small 1TB ext. HDD and Windows Storage Spaces set to backup Libraries every half hour. Quite a big job. Now they have all their photos and business data again. Next, get the to sync to ms OneDrive

Chaim Lee

As the owner of Aspire Computing founded in 1999, Chaim Lee has been working for over 20 years as the Leading Computer Technician.
He has a life long interest in electronics, computing, science and technology.
He has completed studies and gained qualifications in Applied Science, Computer Repair and Service, Microsoft Installation and Maintenance, Technical Writing, Workplace Training, and Technical Sales Training.
Chaim Lee

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